Field Inspection Services for Residential Homes

Considering selling your house or moving into a new one? Don’t do anything until you can get it fully inspected! Selling your house is a big commitment, and the last thing you want is to run into nasty surprises that might keep it off the market. The same can be said for buying a home because you never know if a larger problem is lurking within the walls, foundation, or otherwise. No matter how good something looks from the outside, an inspection is a wise move if you want to sell, invest in, or buy a house. We perform property inspections for all residential homes.

Property Inspection Services for Closure & Mortgage Companies

You can’t afford to offer mortgage or closure services without first inspecting the houses you’re dealing with. Because of the nature of the investment and the risks involved, a property inspection should be an integral part of your budget! We know the ins and outs of property inspection for residential properties, and we can make sure you’re getting your money’s worth for every investment you make. We would love to partner with you and help you make the smartest investment choices possible with your mortgage deals and closures.

Fence Inspections

The quality of your fence does more than add value to your home, as it also provides a layer of security to protect you and your home from animals, invaders, and other hazards. So whether you have a wood or metal fence, you can only benefit by giving our team a call to give your fence our patented full checklist inspection. We’ll find any problems with your fence and will report fast and affordable ways that you can repair and mend those errors so that you can enjoy a safe beautiful property. Call today to learn more.

Appliance Inspections

When you buy a new property, one broken refrigerator will not make or break your purchasing decision. If all of the appliances are broken or in need of repair, the cost can start to add up. Through our property inspection services, you can get professional help in evaluating all of your appliances. We can help you figure out which appliances are in working order and which ones are potentially dangerous to use. When it comes to buying and owning property, knowledge is power.

Water Testing (Using Nelson Analytical)

Is your drinking and bathing water safe? Do you want to be certain that pollutants are not making their way into your water? Then give our inspection team a call to provide fast and reliable water testing services. We use Nelson Analytical to give you the absolute facts regarding the health and safety of your property's water and water sources. With our help, you'll know whether something is wrong with your water and will have useful recommendations designed to help you manage your water filtration systems for maximum efficiency. To get started, give us a call today.

Pest Inspection

Have you noticed an unusually high amount of rodents, insects, or other pests near or inside of your property? Do you want to know where the problem is coming from so you can make a plan to correct the issue? Then with our pest inspection services, we can help you discover where your pests are coming from and offer effective recommendations on correcting the problem. If your home or place of business is infested with pests then it can lead to a whole host of problems which we are here to help solve. So, why let pests bother you and your guests when you can call us today.

Septic Check for NH

When we inspect septic systems we look at conditions within the home and septic tank that may have a negative effect on the leach field, and we look at the conditions within the leach field. We educate on how the system works and what conditions can eventually cause the septic system to fail. We only do septic system evaluations and take pride in the fact that we will not try to sell you unnecessary repairs and upgrades. Sewer scoping is available. Each of our inspections includes an easy to read report with full color photos within 24 hours of the inspection.